Is Your Child a Listener, an Artist, or Doer?
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Is Your Child a Listener, an Artist, or Doer?

Did you know that you and your child each have a specific style when it comes to learning new information?

This is called your learning style. Your learning style has guided you in learning information                                        from grade school to grad school.

Learning style refers to the various ways you learn new information and figure things out. Typically there are 4 different learning styles:
  • Auditory: learning best by hearing information
  • Visual: learning best by seeing the information via a picture or a story  with images in your mind
  • Kinesthetic/tactile: learning best through movement and touch. For example, using counters for math or gliding your finger under text while reading.
  • Combined: using more than one learning style  in combination to learn new information 

Knowing your own learning style and your child’s can go a long way in helping your child learn. Does your child:
  • Listen to the information on the iPod? 
  • Draw a picture to solve the problem?
  • Build the model first and then look at the instructions?
  • Combine the above strategies for learning new information?

No one learning style is correct, but is your choice of how to learn best. Understanding your child’s learning style or styles helps you to know how to encourage him when learning something new.  

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