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Parent Perspective
For confidentiality purposes, child and parent names are not used when sharing a parent's experience.
      Finding new ways to engage a very active child is very difficult. Homeworks offered terrific innovative suggestions for getting my daughter both physically and mentally into her work and I learned new ways to make learning fun! Parent of a 3rd grader

I just had to let you know that my daughter has made HIGH honor roll for the year!. She had a 92% or better in her core classes. She has made honor roll in the past, but never high honor. I am so proud of her. Parent of a 5th grader

My son struggled with learning new concepts and organizational skills. I was not sure how to best help him. Homeworks Educational Consulting helped me to understand how my child learns best. I learned that my child learns visually. This new understanding has resulted in his first "A" on a spelling test this year. 
Organization was also an area of concern. With the support from Homeworks, a routine was created in my house that incorporated the whole family, including my teenagers.  My son now uses our new routine to help him stay on track when it comes to homework and responsibilities at home.  Parent of a 4th grader
      My middle school daughter was so overwhelmed when she did her homework that she cried almost every day.  Homeworks helped me understand why she was overwhelmed and gave me strategies to help her. 
 Parent of a 6th grader

Thank you so much for your help.  I feel very grateful!  
                                                        Parent of a young adult   

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